Meet a Heartmade Artist: Ivan Camarena

Heartmade is so happy to welcome one of our newest transplants to Houston, artist Ivan Camarena. Ivan hails from Tijuana and his work is influenced by growing up in Mexico and studying in San Diego and Los Angeles. Ivan's blending of cultures using painting, photography, printing, and graphic design makes for powerful, and yet playful works of art, often "merging pulp comic references and aesthetics with imagery from a quotidian Tijuana." In Houston Ivan now focuses on art education, and we're so proud to have such a talented artist teaching our kids! More art in schools, please, HISD! :)

What's your favorite thing about being an artist in Houston?

It's easy to get inspired when you're located in one of the country's largest cities. As a transplant to Houston, I can appreciate the constant changes I experience in the city whether it's the rapidly fluctuating climate or the contrasting landscapes and diverse people. From urban landscapes, country farms, and island lifestyles, there is plenty to spark the imagination.

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?

As a west coast native, it's hard not to feel comfortable on the island of Galveston which is where much of my free time is spent. The contrast of historic victorian homes with palm trees vibes and a beach backdrop is engaging enough for me to stick around.

What's your favorite piece of public art in Houston?

Unfortunately, my favorite piece of public art was taken down in 2005 long before I arrived to Houston, but Inversion Tunnel House would have been my favorite. Installations that create a sense of the impossible are very attractive and I love when an artists incorporates illusions into a public space.

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