Meet a Heartmade Artist: Caleb Smith Art + Design

Today's Heartmade artist first caught our eye with his gorgeous animals portraits. Caleb Smith captures the personality and beauty of whatever creature he's painting, whether it be a horse, pig, or hairless cat. :) This multi-talented maker doesn't just stop with painting. He also works in graphic design and textiles! Caleb believes that every client is a collaborator. We love that. He personifies the collaborative spirit that we at Heartmade believe is at the heart of the Houston art world. 

What's your favorite thing about being an artist in Houston?

The diversity of people in Houston provides a wide range of opinions and experiences that educate and expand my way of thinking. It encourages me to constantly rethink my approach to Art making and audience.

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?

Homemade breakfast tacos, a fresh cup of espresso, video games, and sketching during a film. All this while wearing my Batman pajamas, like a champ.

What's your favorite piece of public art in Houston?

It's hard to pick a favorite. Sebastien Boileau's Martian mural (currently in progress) downtown, on Leeland is getting me. A comical dog, space-science, virtuoso painting skills–what's not to love? It is exciting to see dynamic, quality public Art exploding in Houston

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