Studio Tour with Miss Sol Creations

Heartmade favorite Sol Pitarque, owner of Miss Sol Creations, is taking us on a studio tour for today’s blog post! Let’s see where she designs and creates her gorgeous flower crowns, headbands, and hair clips! (Tracy might be wearing hers to the market…)

The pictures show some of my favorite corners around my studio. 

1. My favorite spot are the shelves with lots of yards of felt (and crazy little left over that always save the day) it’s really hard to keep this corner Instagram ready because i love playing with the different colors combinations, so every fabric is always moving around! 

2. I Love plants but I can’t really keep them alive. I’m lucky to say this succulents are over a year and still growing happy. 

3. Flowers and more flowers. This is how my table look before arranging the flowers to a crown 

4. My place is filled by small recicled bins with tons of hand cut flowers. I love that they look like candies. 

5.  A cute souvenir my dad brought from some fun trip and a small wreath I made, just for fun. 

You won’t be able to miss the bright colors and beautiful flowers at Miss Sol Creations’ booth so be sure and stop by on November 3rd!