My Favorite Piece with Earth and Ember

Danelle Cass’ ceramics caught our eyes immediately because of her gorgeous colors, and we loved that she sells items to decorate your body AND your home! We’re very happy to welcome an artist who has shown all around the world and we know you’re going to love Earth and Ember as much as we do — below she shares her Favorite Piece with us and we hope we get to see it in person on May 4th!

My favorite piece is called “Jewels of the Sea”

I have this three dimensional mermaid in a few colors. The central mermaid is crafted from custom colored liquid porcelain slip and cast in a mold. I then hand carve the detail into every one individually, so each piece is unique. The mermaid is fired in a kiln and the mineral colorants in the porcelain slip gives it a beautiful satin matte finish. I then wire wrap various pearls, gemstones and Karen Hill Tribe fine silver beads along the chain with sterling silver wire. It is finished with a handmade clasp.

I wanted to create a statement piece that included a three dimensional form in porcelain. The curve of the mermaid’s body had the perfect shape for a necklace. To give the necklace the spirit of a mermaid’s treasure chest, I decided to add some lovely, naturally colored pearl beads in pinks, peaches and purples to complement the sea green of the mermaid. I added sea jade, Peruvian blue opal, chrysoprase, and Karen Hill tribe fine silver seashell beads to bring in the blue and green hues of the ocean.

It is my favorite because I feel it truly shows how versatile clay/porcelain can be. I love the ocean, fairytales and mythology as well as the amazing things the earth and its creatures craft, such as gemstones and pearls. I feel this piece blends the fantasy and whimsy of fairytales with the beauty of earth’s treasures.