How I Work My Space: All Sewn Up Customs

The first time we saw All Sewn Up Customs' wee BB-8 terrarium necklace we SQUEALED! Designer Amanda LaMartina's work is fun and creative and happy and JUST what we need for Heartmade! She was kind enough to send us some awesome workspace photos so that we can watch the tiny magic happen -- check it out and buy your own pop culture goodies on April 7!

"Here's where the magic happens! Current project on the table are hand casted mini characters. I'm filing down any rough edges and prepping them for paint. I make these mini characters for my one of a kind, terrarium necklaces.

A few things I love about my studio are, it's in my home (can't beat a 10 second commute), there's lots of natural lighting, and I have a place for all my tools and supplies for projects from sewing to torch soldering."

Wonder what BB-8 thinks...? 


We asked our artists and makers to send us photos of their workspace so that you could see how the magic is made. Check out the series for more behind the scenes shots of these talented people and their creative spaces.