How I Work My Space: NATURAL by M. HAGELSIEB

Today's workspace belongs to Myrna, owner of  NATURAL by M. HAGELSIEB!


"I do concrete craft designs!! This photo is me in my dusty space, doing the mix of cement, sand, water and other additives to make the perfect paste. I make my own molds also, so all my pieces are uniques!! After one day letting dry, I take out the piece and then sand it and  seal it ... perfect for a NATURAL display."

image1 (1).jpeg

We love Myrna's hilarious hand-painted enamel mugs, her concrete home decor, and her big happy smile! Stop by her booth on April 7th and buy something unique for your home that you will treasure always!

We asked our artists and makers to send us photos of their workspace so that you could see how the magic is made. Check out the series for more behind the scenes shots of these talented people and their creative spaces.