My Favorite Piece with J Kendall Art

Joanne Kendall popped into our lives out of the blue with her incredible mobiles and we are SO EXCITED that she will be at Heartmade this spring! We’ve never had a creative like Joanne and as Tracy likes to say when she’s sizing up artists, “I don’t have one of you yet!” 😁 She shares her Favorite Piece below and it is definitely a favorite of ours as well! Don’t miss her on May 4th!

“Flight Path”   hanging mobile   29 in high by 26 in wide   recycled metal tin, steel wire

As an artist, I like to challenge myself to make pieces that force me to grow and look at my work in a new light. Sometimes I do that by using a new material, and sometimes I try a completely new form. This piece it the result of that process, and it is one of my favorites. I don’t usually create pieces that have a linear form; my typical mobile is more of a ball or box shape.

Each of the butterfly wings is hand-sawn, painted on the reverse, and completed with a hand-made wire body. The method I use to attach the butterflies to each arm allows them to swing independently from the arm. Each arm is balanced by hand to create a mobile that moves easily with air currents or a gentle push.

I use a wide range of materials, often recycled/repurposed from items that would have otherwise been discarded.  This piece is made from metal tins. I am really excited to join the Heartmade Market family of artists and bring my mobiles out to play!