How I Work My Space: Lisa Chow

Today's workspace belongs to Lisa Chow!

"My studio is located in the back room of my house. I share this room with our "mudroom" and our cats' bathroom. It's extremely glamorous. I get really frustrated with the chaotic mess that is my desk about twice a year, clear it all off, only to have it turn into a pastel mountain of junk within a day. The nature of my work allows me to have a ton of fun art supplies; this includes my wall of glitter. My three year old can often be found rummaging through my sticker drawer."

Lisa Chow Workspace 1.JPG
Lisa Chow Workspace 2.JPG

We are CRAZY for Lisa and her practically confectionary creations -- she is an original Heartmade artist and we're thrilled to welcome her back this spring! Her gorgeous pastel rainbows and cheeky feminist pieces will be covering your walls after you see her booth on April 7th! 

We asked our artists and makers to send us photos of their workspace so that you could see how the magic is made. Check out the series for more behind the scenes shots of these talented people and their creative spaces.