How I Work My Space: Rust & Pearls

Today we take a look behind the scenes at Debbie Sakach's workspace, where she creates the beautiful jewelry for Rust & Pearls. Debbie is an original Heartmade artist and we are very excited to welcome her back all the way from Austin! Come buy some of her sparklies on April 7th!

"Here are some super honest everyday pics of my studio space. As an artist this is my first ever true work space of my own and I’m super grateful for it. I used to make every single piece of jewelry in my lap on the couch. Getting a table was actually life changing! The things I love most in the studio are the picture of my grandmother and artwork by fellow artists who inspire me on a daily basis."


We asked our artists and makers to send us photos of their workspace so that you could see how the magic is made. Check out the series for more behind the scenes shots of these talented people and their creative spaces.