Heartmade was created to foster local artists and support local charities. In the wake of the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey, we want to do everything we can to give back to the community that defines us. That's why we've created this special sale.

If you are an artist/maker who would like to donate to our sale, please contact us through our site! We're accepting donations all the time!

Every cent earned in our Heartmade for Harvey Relief sale will go directly to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund established by Mayor Sylvester Turner. And we mean every cent: if you purchase a $20 item, $20 goes to relief. We'll post regular updates as we go, and we'll announce our total donation at the end.

We are so proud of all the Houstonians (and Americans!) who are stepping up to help our great city in a time of crisis. We also encourage you to patronize local stores and restaurants who are working to get back on their feet. 

We are proud to be Houstonians.

We are Heartmade and we are #HoustonStrong!