Louie Loo

Pregnancy and new motherhood seem to always get my creative side going. For years, I have been in love with the look of indigo shibori and when my second son was born, I decided to learn how to dye with indigo myself. I was in search for some much needed "me time" and was drawn to the beauty and creative outlet of dyeing with indigo. I would spend my weekends dyeing anything white and made out of fabric I could find, with my lovable french bulldog, Louie by my side. 

I eventually decided that I wanted to share my art with other people, both because I feel that I would bring happiness to other people and because my family has enough indigo dyed clothing and we are starting to look silly in public! I began work on opening a shop that sells clothing and accessories for kids, pets, as well as home goods. When I sat down to think of what to call my shop, the first thing that came to mind was my pup Louie. Before long, Louie Loo was born!