LuckyBug Paper Co.

Heather Beliveaux is the artist behind LuckyBug Paper Co. cards and Message Boxes.  The idea for Message Boxes was born from the things that feed my curiosity and spirit: a love for paper, textures and patterns; inspiring words; a sense of discovery; traveling; and the idea of oneness--with ourselves, with nature and with humanity.

LuckyBug's designs combine paper, patterns, symbols, and sayings from diverse cultures and traditions representing the oneness of humankind. Born into an artistic family, creative passions have always found a welcome home in my life. And an appreciation for handmade and homemade was etched into my personality from a young age. Some of my earliest memories are of scratch-cooking with my grandmother, watching my father make pottery or render architectural blueprints, and my mother developing her photographs.

I have always loved a good treasure hunt--wandering around antique shops and bookstores, hunting for seashells along the coast, the thrill of crowded and colorful bazaars. In college, I became intrigued with exploring the world and its diverse cultures. I lived and studied abroad, traveling as much as possible. After graduating from law school, I found myself longing for creative expression and began making invitations and handmade cards for friends. Needing small hostess gifts for a trip abroad, the card idea grew into little Message Boxes: a greeting and gift in one.

The birth of LuckyBug coincided with the birth of my twin daughters, born a frightening four months early.  Our surviving daughter was nicknamed "Ladybug" early in her long hospital stay. She became our miracle baby and the inspiration for the name behind the business, LuckyBug. 

An ode to my love of small joys, each Message Box can fit in the palm of your hand, each treasure inside a tiny token of affection.