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Who Are We?

Heartmade Art Market is a juried art market conceived and created by Tracy Manford Carlson of Tracy Carlson Photography and Sonja Fulbright of Crush Design Co. Our tag line, “design for happiness,” is exactly how we like to do things. ‪We think small actions add up to big results, so we’re putting the hearts of Texas' talented artists to work for the benefit of local non-profit organizations and the community at large.‬

How Do We Do  It?

Heartmade Art Market is a carefully curated show, and artists are admitted through an application process. Heartmade artists are among the best ambassadors of the Texas art community, and we always want to make sure they are able to find success. We designed this market to ensure that both the artists and the charity would come out on top. Booth fees go directly to the charity, leaving the artists free to make their sales knowing the “heartwork” is already taken care of. We partner with Houston's Downtown District and they provide our artists with 10'x10' booth space, tent coverage, free parking for one car, an 8 ft table, two chairs, and more. It's fantastic!

Who Do We Help?

Our Fall 2019 market we will be donating 100% of booth fees to the Houston charity Artists for Artists, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides Emergency Recovery Grants designed to assist eligible artists experiencing career-threatening emergencies. Grants can be used by eligible artists to re-establish, improve, or expand work capacity after a wide range of financial, medical or personal emergencies.


Applications are now ClOsed for our november 2nd heartmade harvest market.

Thank you tO everyone who applied!

What do people think of Heartmade?


We pride ourselves on not only providing a great market experience for the city of Houston, but for each and every one of our artists and makers. 



“Heartmade Market is an especially vendor-oriented market, because the organizers are themselves artist/vendors. They’ve made everything as easy as it can be and they promote the hell out of this event. It draws a sophisticated crowd from all over Houston. And it’s fun, with a capital F.”

-- Paule Hewitt, Beyond Her Collection



"It is such a cool atmosphere. Downtown Houston is the perfect location for people of all walks of life to come together and celebrate art and craft.

The vendor fee always goes to support a wonderful and deserving charity. I love that it is not only a way for artists to offer their work, but also a way to give back to the city."

-- Allison Gregory Jones, All Marie Guitar String Jewelry



"I really enjoyed participating in the last Heartmade market. It was great to be surrounded by equally fervent artists/craftspeople with a strong belief in what they created. As a typically shy person, the buzz of all the people vending and the passersby stopping in and showing an interest in my art helped bring me out of my shell. It was a great experience bolstered by two magnificent organizers!"

-- Rei Egusquiza

If you have a question that is not answered on our website, please email us at heartmadehouston(at)gmail(dot)com. See you at the market! XOXO Sonja and Tracy