Olga Tarasova is a self taught fiber artist and feltmaker from Daugavpils, Latvia currently living in Houston,TX,USA. Her interest in fibers came very naturally. From early childhood she was exposed to wool yarn, helping her mother winding yarn balls from skeins and then watching her knit on needles and on a knitting machine. The smell of wool yarn was so earthy and natural, no wonder wool became her favorite material to work with. She also uses silk, bamboo, alpaca and other fibers and fabrics, which she dyes and spins to achieve one of a kind textiles. She loves working with small wool farmers and gets a lot of her wool grown in USA. Olga's mother and both grandmothers were very fond of making their own clothing, so that influenced her as well. She loves creating wearable art and that's where her passion lies. She participates in exhibitions and fashion shows locally and internationally and won several awards.