Adriane R. Wiltse Designs

Engineering: the action of working to artfully bring something about (Oxford Dictionaries)

Ten years ago I began a career as an engineer and as such developed a close relationship with metals, plastics and other materials. Eventually this love of materials, together with a child long dream of self-expression led me to a path in jewelry making.

Today I design jewelry inspired by the rural Kansas plains of my past and the city skyline of my present. I utilize the contrast between the curvilinear forms from my childhood and the geometry from my urban surroundings to make timeless jewelry pieces.

Thanks to my engineering background I am able to apply a meticulous construction process to the work which imposes each piece with a sense of quality, simultaneously my long held love for art and expression, present in my drawings and my photography help me convey a soft and organic aesthetic which gives my work a one-of-a-kind feel.

My jewelry brings to life the fine line between two seemingly opposed subjects, creating visual magic.