Adriana Whitney Art

I am Adriana Whitney, a pop-surrealist artist. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on a 1971 Christmas morning.  I discovered art when I was around 8 years old. I grew up in a museum (my mom’s work) surrounded by famous paintings. I started drawing at the age of 10. I studied in a little atelier near my house in Buenos Aires where I learned to draw using charcoal. 

With my artwork I want to take the observer to an imaginary world inspired by nursery rhymes, fairy tales, lullabies and childhood memories. I want to generate a sentiment of nostalgia.

My subjects are animals and children. I paint my subjects as if they were posing for a picture taken a long time ago when people would not smile at the camera. 

My artwork always starts with a thought or a vision and then I find which medium will let me achieve that idea. I will often use acrylic but I also work with oils to create an old masters feeling.  I use clay to generate a 3D pieces.

Even though I work with several mediums including pastel, charcoal, fabric, and wood all my pieces are linked together by a common object or color.