Monique Weston Art Jewelry

I grew up in Asia as a third-culture kid. My professional background is in intelligence/kidnap and ransom. Self-trained, I've never had a formal art education, but collaborated with well-established designers, with focal pieces appearing in Vogue and popular soap operas. I sell in boutiques in TX, MA and CA, as well as Amazon Handmade, but I’m a veteran of art markets and festivals, and I absolutely love the vendor experience!

I make strong focal pieces that highlight vintage architectural/industrial elements, including hinges, musical instruments, keyholes, chandelier parts, antique tools, and objects that were originally designed only for function - so their beauty is transformative. This year I have a whole new line of earrings, made with postage stamps, coins and clock-parts. They elicit some amazing stories from people of all walks of life - places they've traveled, lived, or dreamed about, or where their families come from. It's very rewarding to find an object haunted by its old glories, to glimpse its potential beauty, and then to learn more about it through clients' own memories.