Diverscity Clothing Co.

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and I love all things art, culture, history, and geography. When you look at New York, Chicago, LA etc. they all have signature apparel and shirts that really represent their city in an international way. For example New York's popular "I Love NewYork" shirt. Houston being the 4th largest city in America and having so much to offer culturally, and artistically etc. I felt there was no reason why Houston shouldn't have its own T Shirt staples that would highlight the best of Houston in an international way as well, that would draw the admiration of both locals and those that visit our city. When thinking of Houston's best characteristic to highlight that really would describe Houston in one word, it was a no-brainer that this was Houston's cultural "diversity". I added the letter "c" after the s in diversity, and "Diverscity" Clothing Co. was born! The name was perfect! Allowing you to either call it "Diverscity" or "Divers-City" which is absolutely Houston! I wanted to create a clothing line that would be both stylish, and classic, but also secretly educational being able to share Houston's greatest characteristics with both locals who may be unknowing, visitors, and beyond. I decided to create the very thing I wanted to see and thus started Diverscity Clothing Co. and started using one of my many art forms for what was a new and exciting purpose.