Summer Bucket

Hello! Debra here, the designer, maker, and creative behind Summer Bucket, a high-quality handcrafted jewelry line in Houston, TX since 2011. The minimal, feminine yet edgy designs have evolved from exploring the relationships between beautiful, raw natural stones, geometric shapes and delicate details to create high-quality pieces for you that are as refined as they are unique.

Summer Bucket was born from the need for a creative outlet. Growing up, I was constantly involved in the arts. I started out drawing and painting which sustained me for a long time in my youth up into my college years. Eight years ago I woke up with this sudden drive to start designing and making my own jewelry. It's what I've done ever since. I design for those who appreciate a casual yet chic style for jewelry. It's been a passion ever since and I love the entire process from concept to to sample making and the finalizing each piece to share with the world.