Love Kiki Creations

I grew up in a small farm community surrounded by a lot of close female relatives who were creative and hardworking and loving. I watched as they would make works of art with scraps of fabric, award-winning gardens, and unique trinkets for those they loved. I loved seeing other people be on the receiving end of whatever creations they made and it ignited that same love and creative desire in me, too.

We all have our love languages and giving gifts is one of mine. Giving to others makes me happy and giving gifts that I create with my hands makes me most happy. I love creating anything from sewing, gardening, baking, metal art and most recently designing leather accessories.

My desire to make homemade gifts lead me to design jewelry which combined my metal art skills and love for leather. Each time I gave a pair of earrings or wallet to a loved one, I would receive a request from them for a pair for them to give away as a gift. While its a fairly new endeavor for me, having this creative outlet has been good for my soul and I love being able to share my creations with others.