Cam Shot First Photography

Born and raised in Houston Texas, Camille Mokhtari has always had a love of photography. From a young age, she was constantly taking pictures with her cell phone and Polaroid camera. She especially enjoyed photographing images and ideas that were often overlooked. Once, a classmate saw one of Camille’s photographs, and based her award winning artwork on it—this was the spark for Camille. Since then, Camille’s passion grew. She continues to convey the magnificence of what “is” by capturing beauty in places and people that often go unnoticed. She finds inspiration in the cultural diversity of our city and the hidden natural treasures of Galveston Island. Camille sees what “could be” in what “is”; her art will always reflect that. Her work has been displayed in numerous galleries and pop-up shows throughout the city. Camille’s intention is to capture the people, places, and unexpected beauty that tell the complex stories of our world.