Love Cactus - Lisa Hilton Art

An emerging artist, Lisa Hilton creates primarily music inspired art from recycled materials. Thanks to the help of local bands, friends, DJ’s, and even anonymous high profile bands & musicians donations of broken instruments and equipment, Lisa always has materials to work with.

Lisa turned to music therapy after having a Stroke in November 2012, as a way to regain full use of her left hand and arm. The therapy also helped with depression that followed the stroke. Her condition however prevented her from effectively playing an instrument.

“My oldest, a psychology major, suggested art therapy and it seriously SAVED MY LIFE.” Lisa says of her art career beginnings. “I have been able to pick myself up, get off most medications, and start over.”

Lisa was a licensed Medical Aesthetician , MUA, and Laser Tech before the stroke, but unable to return to work after a 2nd stroke a year later.

Today Lisa’s art is in high demand, she’s an exhibitor at First Saturday Arts Market in the Heights, The Market at Sawyer Yards in the Washington Avenue Arts District and a VIP artist at this years Woodlands Waterway Art Festival.

"I hope my kids learned that something good always comes from the bad…. ALWAYS and just cause something is a little old and damaged (like me post stroke) doesn’t mean you can’t still find beauty in it.” ~ Lisa Hilton