KAECI is an eco friendly brand offering colorful and exclusive pieces, slow-made in limited editions in Brazil.

My prints are inspired by:

  • The colorful Brazil (where I lived for 5 years before Houston, and where I created my first brand which became KAECI in the US in February 2017)

  • The geometric ancestral symbols (mostly African which meaning are generally power and unity)

  • And the woman who I assimilate to a flower, delicate and strength at the same time. 

A unique characteristic about my line is the exclusivity of my prints. I delicately hand-draw and color every single elements to create a unique artwork which is further transferred on fabrics. My prints come from my head and are full of creativity and passion. 

Sustainability is also very important to me, that's why I choose carefully the fabrics I work with and prefer eco-friendly fibers, breathable and biodegradable or natural fibers with low impact on our environment. I have 2 kids. and I do believe that they deserve a better world, so I do my best to control my footprint and strongly believe we can all do our best. 

With the brand, I also have a social mission: Create a creative entrepreneur school in Africa for disadvantaged young people, offering them a real chance to choose and change their reality. I believe education is what they need the most and I want to participate and share what I have learned till here. It's my way to give back.