MoonYoonits Studios

I started making found art figures to save my sanity when my daughter was very young.  I was a stay at home mom who loved being at home with my daughter, but was very frustrated by the lack of time for artistic endeavors.  I had all these awesome rusted metal pieces, fabric, and other odds and ends that I had been collecting that assembled themselves into groovy found object personalities.  Ah ha!  I always knew that my scavenging and collecting had a purpose! Though I had a BFA in painting from the University of Houston, working in the 3rd dimension felt like coming home. 

With doll making, I'm am able to incorporate everything I love into my creations.  Fabric, found objects, and paper? Check. Pop culture? Check. Explorations of gender, culture, sexuality, spirituality? Check. Insane mash-ups of color, texture, genres, cultures, and materials? Check.  

To keep everything I make under one roof, I created MoonYoonits Studios.  It's a venue for various eclectic collections of handmade oddities. I sum up my creative philosophy in the following rhyme: “I create stories and magic with the treasures I find, bringing characters to life from the visions in my mind. Come set a spell, and I'll grant you a boon: a witty, weird and whimsical gift from the moon.”