My Favorite Piece with Meechi Ceramics

We’ve added a new category to our blogs for this market called “My Favorite Piece” where Heartmade artists could share a special work that they will also be selling at the show! Today’s post comes from new Heartmade artist Michelle Hernandez of Meechi Ceramics in San Antonio. We are thrilled that she has joined our market family and we know you’ll enjoy meeting her and seeing her gorgeous ceramics in person on November 3rd!

My current favorite piece is my "bitty bowl." I especially love making these little cuties because they are small and fairly fast to make on the potter's wheel which allows me to really get into my "flow" state where I can fully be in the moment of making and not distracted by my mind chatter. They are also great to have around because you can use them for so many things! I like to keep one on my night stand for my jewelry, in the kitchen for my spice mixes and at my desk for paper clips! And that's just the beginning of their endless uses.